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Dutch designed retro & single speed bikes

Since its creation, Dutch-designed bicycle brand Lekker has captured the attention of urban cyclists worldwide. With a world famous design that has been part of Dutch culture since 1885, Lekker has produced a range of custom-crafted premium bikes for any urban cyclist. From women’s bikes that offer fashion and comfort to corporate fleet bikes that showcase your brand, Lekker has every accessory or customization that you need.

Lekker blends a vintage Dutch design with the chicest trends from urban riding to fulfill their mission: to provide people with a bicycle at a reasonable price without sacrificing the most important aspects of enjoyable riding – quality and aesthetics. Lekker bikes look great and compliment anyone’s personal style.

These vintage style Dutch-designed retro bikes are a statement, a slice of your personality, a glimpse into your individuality. Each bike is custom-designed and carefully accessorized to reflect your personal tastes while complimenting your individual riding lifestyle.

The word “lekker” in Dutch means tasty, pleasurable or nice. Originally used to refer to food, the term now describes anything that is beautiful, cool, tasty or sexy.

Originally established in 1885 in Amsterdam and later introduced to Australia in 2011, Lekker made its premiere in North America this 2014.